[New] Bash League

How to play?

1. You will call Bingos and make Daubs compete with other players for a spot in the next league tier.
2. Play in Premium to reach the top ranks faster.
3. The goal is to finish in the Top X% of the group to earn League Points and advance to the next league before the timer runs out.
4. You are demoted to a lower league if you finished in the bottom X% of the group.
5. Become the ultimate Bash League Champion by moving up the Leagues to the Diamond League!
6. Gain a high rank in the leagues to earn Badges and show off your expertise!

Daily Login Reward: Login every day to receive your Daily Login League Points.

Leaderboard: You can check your current and previous leaderboard under 'My League' similarly you can check the global ranking under 'Global League'

To make sure you stay in the Promotion Zone and stay at the top of the League you have to keep playing and collect the League Points by the end of the week to win a Badge.  

My Badges:
This page displays the Badges you have collected and those you have yet to collect.
You need to be in the Promotion Zone to receive Frame/Charms