Unable to make In-App purchases.

This can occur due to various reasons(eg: Network issues, Banking Service providers, Platform developers, etc) however, you may try the following troubleshooting steps to check if that helps. 

Device Users: 
- Please Log out and log in to your Play/App store account.
- Try clearing the device cache(Android/Kindle devices). iOS users (iPad/iPhone device) try soft rebooting the device. 
- Force close the Bingo Bash App and relaunch.

Note: If the issue is persistent, please Uninstall & Install the fresh Bingo Bash app from the respective store on your device. You can try removing the existing card details and re-entry them once and check -OR- please try using different card details to see, if it helps.

Browser/PC users:
Please log out and log in to your Facebook account
- Try reloading/refreshing the Game/Browser once and check.
- Try clearing Cache, Cookies, and Temporary files on the system/machine.

Note: If the issue is persistent, please try using an alternate web browser to check, if that helps. You may also try removing your card details and key in your card details again and check if that helps resolve the issue -or- Use different card details to try making the purchase.

For any further assistance, please reach out to our Support Team they would be happy to assist.