Merry Go Round



How do I call a Bingo?

 - Get all the Elves to the House to call a Bingo..!!


 - Bingo/s gives you a Dice..!!


How does the collection work?
 - Collect Toys and complete orders to Win Bells.

- Roll the dice and select an Elf to move around the Board. mceclip7.png

- Collect a Toy by landing on its tile. mceclip8.png

- Collected Toys get added to the current slots.mceclip9.png

- Earn Bonus Bells by filling the Slots with the matching Toy..!mceclip10.png

- Each Elf fills its own Order.mceclip11.png

- Complete orders and collect enough Bells to beat the Level..!!


Special Tiles:

- Get Bonus benefits by landing on corner tiles.mceclip3.png


Additional Feature:

- Daub the cell that has a Puzzle piece.
- Collect 10 Puzzle pieces to get Free Dice...!!mceclip1.png

Hot Tips:
Play in Special or Premium to make Faster Progression..!!


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