Bash Time Trials


How it works:

1. Start and complete Daily Tasks to reach milestones.

2. Players will be allowed to take up and start Challenges on their own time.

3. Once a Challenge is taken by the player, the timer will begin for that Challenge and the player will have to reach the milestones in the Challenge in order to qualify for the equivalent rewards.

4. The players will also be able to restart a Challenge in order to achieve better results and better rewards.

5. If the player fails to complete the challenge before the timer runs out, they can retry the challenge by paying a normal fee. The previous progress made will be removed and the player needs to start the progress again.

6. Collect milestone rewards when the timer runs out.

7. Complete all milestones and win maximum rewards every day!



Today’s Rooms:



Happy Winning, Bingo Bashers...!!!