Fish n' Chips!!

Welcome to Fish n' Chips! You can collect adorable fish, put them in your aquarium to WIN fin-tastic rewards...!!


How to collect the Fish?
- Call a Bingo on the Fish card to earn a Fish!
- Collect more Fish by playing in Special & Premium cards with four cards.
- Call more Bingo/s on Fish cards to discover more Extraordinary Fish!!



- Use the Fishpedia(inventory) to view and manage the Fish/s
- Complete the Fishpedia collections to earn BONUS Rewards!!


How to add a Fish to the Aquarium?

- Visit the Fishpedia(inventory) and click/tap on the Fish icon to select.
- To add the Fish into the aquarium - Use the 'Put in Aquarium' option 
- Number of Fish/s obtained and Used in the aquarium are displayed when you click/tap a specific Fish!  (Ref below image) 
- Number of Fish Feed required for the specific Fish & their Feed time is also displayed while a Fish is selected on Fishpedia.


- Each Fish requires a different quantity of Fish Foods and their Feed time varies based on the Fish type.
- You can only have limited Fishes in your Aquarium
- Excess Fishes can be traded/exchanged for a Wheel Spin to Win Bonus Rewards!!

How do I collect Fish Food?

- Daub the Special cells to collect Fish Food.
- Play in Special & Premium Cards to more Fish Feeds

How to Feed the Fish?
- Lookout for Hungry fish. Click/Tap on the hungry fish to Feed! (Ref the below image)
- Feed the Fish to earn Exciting Rewards!!
- Come back to feed them again when they are hungry. Click/Tap to select the Fish in the aquarium to know their next feed time! Before or after you feed them.



Where do I see my Fish Food collected:
- Visit your Aquarium to view the collected Fish Foods!!

How do I remove the Fish from the Aquarium?
- To remove the specific Fish from the aquarium, click/tap on the Fish to select.
- Click/Tap the 'Remove' option to have the Fish removed from the Aquarium.


How do I trade/exchange the Fish for Wheel Spin?
- Visit the Fishpedia(inventory) and click/tap on the Fish icon to select.
- Use the 'Exchange' option to trade/exchange the Fish for a Wheel Spin.
- Use ' + / - '  option to add or remove Fish for the trade/exchange. 
- Click/Tap the 'Confirm Exchange' option to confirm trade/exchange.
- Fill the progress bar below the Wheel Spin to trigger/activate the Wheel Spin!


How to access Wheel Spin:
- Visit the Fishpedia(inventory) to access the Wheel Spin feature. The number of Wheel Spin earned can be viewed here. 
- Click/tap the Spin option for the Wheel to Spin.
- Exchange/trade more Fish to earn more Wheel Spins



Get the Aquarium filled with all the Extraordinary Fish!! Win more exciting and huge Rewards!! Good Luck Basher....!!