Lost game progress/ Taken to a Level-1 account

We found that some of our players are taken to a level 1 or a different account after the update. Do not worry! This happens when you are signed into the game with a different Facebook account or choose a different mode of Login. Please identify the Facebook account which has your game progress and follow the below steps carefully in order to get back your game progress.

1. Launch Bingo Bash - Go to Settings > select 'Logout' to log out from your current account.
2. Close Bingo Bash App
3. Open the 'Safari browser and 'Facebook' App on your device to Log-out into your Facebook account.
4. 'Log out from your current Facebook profile and Log-in to your original Facebook account. Make sure that you are not logged into any other Facebook accounts on your device.
5. Launch the Bingo Bash game
6. Select the option 'Login with Facebook

You should now be taken to your original account with the game progress connected to it. If you still require any assistance or help in getting the right game progress, then please feel free to reach us through the 'Support' button.