Rapido Bingo!

Rapido Bingo Game is under Mini-Games!!

How do I Play Rapido Bingo?
You receive 4 cards as default cards on each round and you can place your Bet by clicking - / + option. Click the 'Play' button to start the round, 30 numbers are drawn/called. The numbers on your Bingo Cards get Daubed Automatically as the number is drawn/called.

In Rapido Bingo, there are 12 unique Bingo Patterns to call a Bingo! You can always shuffle numbers on your cards using the "Shuffle" button for Free.

Extra Balls option gets activated when you are very close to WIN & costs 40 times your bet. Each Extra Ball costs depending on your closest Winning pattern and may vary ball to ball ( You can opt maximum 11 Extra Ball per round ). Use the "Get Lucky Ball" button to reveal the First Extra Ball.



Use the "Play Again" option to End the Round & Claim your reward.

Rules: Tap [ i ] icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Bingo Patterns:
Inverted Patterns:

Pattern Overlaps:Rapido_4.png