What are Mini Games?


There are Quick and Exciting games available under Mini-Games!!

  • Lucky Scratchers - The Lucky Scratcher can be played directly from the Lobby or while waiting for a game to start. Scratch and match 3 "tabs" and you'll win either Chips, Coins, or Powerplays. A 3-match can also include award different Collection items. When all the 6 Collection items are completed, you'll receive a bonus of 200 Chips.

  • Pull Tabs - Pull Tabs have a set paytable (on the left), each match on a Pull Tab gives the relevant reward shown on the Paytable. A Pull Tab is comprised of 5 tabs with each tab having a set of 3 hidden symbols. The objective is to reveal a set of 3 matching symbols on a singular Pull Tab for a reward (which will vary based on the matched symbols shown on the Pull Tab. Each Pull Tab costs 5 Chips and you'll have the option to 1X, 2X, 5X, and 10X Pull Tabs at a time. The paytable is generated randomly in batches of 10,000 Pulls each and will show the remainder of rewards that are available to win. There is a counter at the bottom, which shows the total number of tickets that are available to be purchased for a particular batch.

  • Stars & 7s Slots - In this game, the symbols have to fall under pay lines to call a win (there are 5 different pay lines and 14 different winning combinations). Also, all pays are multiplied by the bet per line which means winnings are multiplied by the number of bets into the winning combination. For example, 1 bet equals 5 Bingo chips, 2 bet equals 10 Bingo chips, etc.​

  • Grande Tour Slots - Can be played using Coins. Complete the Collections to WIN Bingo Chips!

  • Pinata - Can be played using Bingo Chips and Coins. Unlocks exciting rewards such as Rockets, Chips & Coins.

  • American Buffalo Slots and Rapido Bingo - High Stakes Game! You can Win Exciting Rewards!!