Shopping Cart Shown With Sufficient Power Plays Remaining On Account

There are 3 varieties of Power play packs such as Common, Rare & Epic.

Common Rare Epic
Money Cell Single Daub Double Daub*
Money Bonanza* Chips Cell  
  Gift Box* - Available to the latest rooms.  

NOTE: Money Bonanza*,  Gift Box*,  and  Double Daub* can be used only once per round. 

If you are stacked up only with 'Money Bonanza*, Gift Box*, and Double Daub*' power-plays and ran out of other power-plays than you will be prompted with 'Shopping Cart' to Buy more power-plays during the Game; as you would not be able to use these remaining power plays for the second time in the same game/round. 

This is not a glitch, so please make sure to check the remaining power plays that you have in your inventory so that you can play the game without having to purchase more power plays amidst a game/round. Please use the email us option if you need any further assistance in this regard.