What are Powerplays


Powerplays are one of the vital components in the game that players can use to their advantage. Powerplays can be activated by daubing 3 numbers on any of the cards purchased. Powerplays can also be purchased from the shop using Coins. Tap '+' to view your powerplay balance on your account inventory.

Six types of Powerplays:

Money Cell - Get Free Coins when you daub on a Money Cell.
Money Bonanza* - Will double the payout of the Coins won in a game. It can only be used once per round/game.

Single Daub - Randomly daubs one cell on each card in the round.​
Chip Cell - Gives a Free Bingo Chip when daubed.
Gift Box* - Drops Gift Box on your cards to earn more extra rewards for the round

Double Daub* - Randomly Daubs one or two cells on each card in the game and it can be used once per round/game.

Note: Double Daub*, Money Bonanza*, and Gift Box* Powerplay can be used once per round*

Powerplays have a 'Cool Down' time to be used again in the same game. To confirm the end of the "cool down" time, the text below the Powerplay meter will change from “Cooldown” to “Powerplays”.