The Bash Tourney Beta is ending soon


Update: The Bash Tourney Beta is ending soon. Starting from the 27th of Oct 2022, the feature will be unavailable in the game.

The team has gathered all your feedback and is working very hard to bring out a better, more exciting tournament experience for everyone. Stay tuned!

Try to make use of all available Tickets and Power-ups by the 27th of Oct. For those who couldn’t, don’t worry - any remaining inventory will be fairly compensated by the Bash team.

  1. Q) What will happen to the remaining Bomb & Daub Alerts that were there in my inventory?
    - We will compensate you for any Bash Tourney items that were unused, with Bingo Chips.
  2. Q) What will happen to the Tickets that I purchased?
    - Tourney tickets expire every day and we suggest you use them all, to better your final score. There won't be any compensation made for purchased tickets. However, any tickets that will be part of your winnings at the end of the day will be compensated with Bingo Chips.

  3. Q) Will I get rewards for the last day if I qualified?
    - Yes, you will get rewards if you qualify. The rewards, however, will not include – Tourney Tickets and Power-Up fragments. You will receive compensatory Bingo Chip rewards instead.

We would like to thank you for your participation and feedback.

Bash Tourney will be back soon, stay tuned for more exciting features and updates! Thank you.